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Jinjiang Zhanxin Umbrella Co., Ltd founded in 1998.
Over 50acres with 1st raw fiberglass producing building, 2nd frame assembly workshop building, 3rd office building, 4th staff dorm, 5th umbrella production building.
There are 400 skillful workers with more than 15years umbrella producing experience, we focus on umbrella frame producing and umbrella producing. Our main products including folding umbrella, kids umbrella, straight umbrella, golf umbrella, outdoor umbrella and designer custom umbrellas.
Zhanxin Umbrella got ISO9001, BSIC, Sedex, Avon, Disney audits. The umbrella quality passed REACH, EN71, ROSH, PAH, Azo-Free standard.


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Our headquarter located in Xiamen City, brand name is OVIDA which aim for Unite and Strive for Innovation, using our professional experience and service to help all your project happen. Giving best price and service on umbrella project is the most important thing of Ovida’s daily work. Creating customized umbrellas is the main daily work. Consequently we are engaged to find the perfect umbrella for everybody dealing with promotional items. Therefore our designers, technicians and salesmen in will offer free mockup for clients at once to help the project happen. Our QC team will follow each steps of umbrella producing, sending back AQL 2.4 stardard to our Sales Department, this progress making sure each clients products with great quality standard when we get.

Inquiry For Pricelist

For inquiries about our products or pricelist, please leave your email to us and we will be in touch within 24 hours.
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