• What is Pongee?

    Pongee is a type of slub-woven fabric, created by weaving with yarns that have been spun by varying the tightness of the yarn’s twist at various intervals. Pongee is typically made from silk, and results in a textured, “slubbed” appearance; pongee silks range from appearing simi...
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  • Number of umbrella folds

    Number of umbrella folds

    Number of umbrella folds Umbrellas differ greatly in the number of folds depending on the functional design. Generally speaking, according to the number of folds, the umbrella market is divided into four main categories: straight umbrella (one fold), two fold umbrella, three fold umbrella, five f...
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  • The origin of the raincoat

    The origin of the raincoat

    In 1747, French engineer François Freneau made the world’s first raincoat. He used the latex obtained from rubber wood, and put in cloth shoes and coats in this latex solution for dipping and coating treatment, then it could play a waterproof role. In a rubber factory in Scotland, England, ...
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  • The origin of Jack-o’-lantern

    The origin of Jack-o’-lantern

    The pumpkin is the iconic symbol of Halloween, and pumpkins are orange, so orange has become the traditional Halloween color. Carving pumpkin lanterns from pumpkins is also a Halloween tradition whose history can be traced back to ancient Ireland. Legend has it that a man named Jack was very stin...
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  • Umbrella Invention

    Umbrella Invention

    Legend has it that Yun, the wife of Lu Ban, was also a skillful craftsman in ancient China. She was the inventor of the umbrella, and the first umbrella was given to her husband to use when he went out to build houses for people. The word “umbrella” had been around for a long time, so...
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  • Reverse Umbrella

    Reverse Umbrella

    Reverse Umbrella The reverse umbrella, which can be closed in the reverse direction, was invented by 61-year-old British inventor Jenan Kazim, and opens and closes in the opposite direction, allowing the rainwater to drain out of the umbrella. The reverse umbrella also a...
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  • National Day holidays

    National Day of China, is a public holiday in China celebrated annually on 1 October as the national day of the China, commemorating the formal proclamation of the establishment of the People's Republic of China on 1 October 1949. Although it is observed on 1 October, an...
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  • All-weather umbrella

    All-weather umbrella

    All-weather umbrella is sunscreen. There are a lot of folding umbrella , no matter rain or sun it can be used. So, is there any harm in using a all-weather umbrella? Generally not. The key to UV protection depends on the umbrella cloth is treated with UV. The UV protecti...
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  • Differences between 5 folding and 3 folding umbrella

    Differences between 5 folding and 3 folding umbrella

    Parasols are very common in summer. At the same time we all know that there are differences between 3 folding and 5 folding umbrellas. 1. The number of folds is different: a three-fold umbrella can be folded three times, and a five-fold umbrella can be folded five times....
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  • The Mid-Autumn Festival

    The Mid-Autumn Festival

    Mid-Autumn Festival originated in ancient times, popular in the Han Dynasty, stereotyped in the Tang Dynasty. The Mid-Autumn Festival is the synthesis of autumn seasonal customs, which contains the festival custom factors, mostly have ancient origins. As one of the impor...
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  • Have you seen umbrellas that change color?

    Have you seen umbrellas that change color?

    The umbrella is a tool we use a lot, especially on rainy days. With the development of science and technology, there are many new designs for umbrellas nowadays. It uses special pigments to prepare the picture. When it rains, as long as it is stained with water, the umbr...
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  • The 5 hottest beach umbrellas of 2022

    The 5 hottest beach umbrellas of 2022

    The biggest advantage of beach umbrella is sun protection. Beach umbrella is mainly used in sunny days, the above coated with more sunscreen materials, UV has a better reflection effect. It is used on the beach or outdoors. Because there is no shelter on the beach, peopl...
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