Valentine's Day is coming again, are you still worried about the Valentine's Day gift, here are some gift umbrellas for your reference: 1.Popular reverse umbrella print your girlfriend or boyfriend favorite design ★Umbrel...
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  • Corporate umbrellas

    Corporate umbrellas

    Corporate umbrellas are the perfect choice for companies wanting to gift their clients, employees or use to escort guests to meetings or conferences. A corporate umbrella will be one of three models of umbrella that has been customised with corporate colours and branding...
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  • Ovida’s smart umbrella

    Ovida’s smart umbrella

    They interact poorly with other people, They’re easily lost or stolen they’re hard to handle, They break easily Is help on the way?  ..... When you think about it, there is a lot of room for innovation in the world of umbrellas. People have lots of complaints about them,...
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  • Weeding umbrella

    Weeding umbrella

    Let’s face it—you can’t control the weather on your wedding day—but the good news is that you can be prepared with whatever the forecast may bring with a gorgeous umbrella.“Will it rain on my wedding day?” is no doubt a question that every couple has circling in the back of their mind as they pla...
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  • Things You May Not Know about Chinese Oli-paper Umbrellas

    Things You May Not Know about Chinese Oli-paper Umbrellas

    Consisting of a bamboo frame and a surface made of delicately painted mianzhi or pizhi – types of thin but durable paper mainly made from tree bark – Chinese oil-paper umbrellas have long been viewed as an emblem of China’s tradition of cultural craftsmanship and poetic beauty. ...
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  • Examples of Cultural Differences in Business

    Examples of Cultural Differences in Business

    As your business grows, you may develop a diverse group of employees and customers. While diversity often enriches the workplace, cultural differences in business can bring complications as well. Various cultural differences can interfere with productivity or cause conflict among employees. Stere...
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  • What Are the Different Types of Umbrellas

    What Are the Different Types of Umbrellas

    Umbrellas are used in a variety of situations, from rainy walks to work to beach trips with the family. For that reason, there are many different style options that include: ◆Automatic ◆Beach ◆Bubble ◆Children’s ◆Classic ◆Cocktail ◆Digital ◆Fashion ◆Foldable ◆Golf ◆Hat ◆Inverted ◆Paper ...
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    The history of the rain umbrella actually doesn’t start with a story of rain umbrellas at all. Rather, the modern day rain umbrella was first used not to defend against the wet weather, but the sun. Aside from some accounts in ancient China, the rain umbrella originated as a parasol (the term mor...
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  • International Children’s Day

    International Children’s Day

    When is International Children’s Day? International Children’s Day is a public holiday observed in some countries on June 1st.   History of International Children’s Day The origin of this holiday goes back to 1925 when representatives from different countries met in Geneva...
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  • Celebrating Employee Birthdays

    Celebrating Employee Birthdays

    The celebration of one’s journey around the sun only happens once a year and, yes, it calls for a birthday celebration. Spending most of our time at work causes us to develop lifelong friendships and bonds with our colleagues and employees. To make the celebration more interesting, there are seve...
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  • How to Choose The Right Rain Umbrella

    How to Choose The Right Rain Umbrella

    Are you traveling to a rainy destination? Maybe you’ve just moved to a rainy climate? Or perhaps your trusty old umbrella finally snapped a stretcher, and you’re in dire need of a replacement? We selected a broad range of sizes and styles to use everywhere from the Pacific Northwest t...
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  • Mother’s Day

    Mother’s Day

    Mother’s Day is a holiday honoring motherhood that is observed in different forms throughout the world. In the United States, Mother’s Day 2022 will occur on Sunday, May 8. The American incarnation of Mother’s Day was created by Anna Jarvis in 1908 and became an official U.S. holiday in 1914. Jar...
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